Hunting for chairs – 2022

Inspired from a painting collection titled “Party red chairs”, HUNTING FOR CHAIRS is an installation artwork that was constructed at the solo exhibition “Middle Voids” in August 2022 at The French Institute in Khartoum, Sudan. The work offers a conceptual view to social and personal states through the symbolism of the red chair. Derived from the plastic red chair often found in social gatherings in Sudan, where they are to be used in bulks of colourful chairs, scattered around the area of the social event or even just around the everyday “tea ladies” around the city. The chair’s flipsiness of its plastic material, is easily moving, being passed around, found sinking in the sand by the weight of its occupier. Whether we feel comfortable or not, those occasions and situations are not to be escaped and that was translated in the heavy wooden material used instead of the literal adaptation of the plastic. The work addresses our views and reflects our feelings towards these situations, while exposing a personal insight to what we call our “comfort zone”. It references the environment in which the “Girl with fat belly” in the paintings lives. The uncomfortness in the items of the installation is revealed through the strange placing of each item where no item is positioned in its correct manner. The clusterness of the scattered surroundings expressing unease and the feel of being “sunk in”. 

Exhibited at the solo exhibition Middle Voids, August 2022.

Hunting for chairs was recreated in Nairobi, Kenya for the exhibition “The Forest and Desert school revisited” at Circle art gallery, Curated by Michelle Mlati, November 2022.

The Room – 2021

The room is a simulation of a remembrance  experience. The enclosure was created to extract emotions by providing an area of expression as part of the memory emphasis side of the project “Born in memory”.

Exhibited at the solo exhibition Born in Memory at Savannah Innovation Labs, February 2021